Developed a new model of semi-trailer tanks with GRP Tank Compozzi CX-18-L4BN, for the transportation of chemical substances - sodium chloride, aluminum hydroxochloride, hydrochloric acid and other items allowed for transport in tanks with code L4BN according to ADR.

The description of the semi-trailer can be found under the link:

                                                                                           Chemical tank semi trailer Compozzi CX-18-L4BN




Developed a new model of semi-trailer tanks Compozzi LPG-40-P28BN, for the transportation of liquefied gas - propane-bunan, ammonia and other items allowed for transport in tanks with code P28BN according to ADR. The LPG carrier is equipped with equipment Fort Valve, Rego and Rochester.




Developed the new line of light tanker trailers for transportation and filling of petroleum products - Compozzi MGK. Tanker trailers can be used with different types of transport - light trucks, trucks, tractors.

Light tanker trailers can reduce costs of supply of petroleum products for companies (diesel, gasoline, motor oil) and as an alternative to mobile mini gas station.




TM Compozzi has designed a new model of semi-trailer tanker and tanker truck with reduced aerodynamic drag - Compozzi Aero. According to the analysis efficiency forms tanks Compozzi Aero, allows to reduce fuel consumption by 19% at a speed of 80 km/h, as comparison with the standard models of tanks (circular, elliptical cross-section).

To realize the project, we invites investors.




TM Compozzi has earned a new model tank for transportation of high viscous liquids. The tank has conical bottom that allows make full discharge cargo without using additional equipment. The cone angle of the bottom is up 30° to 40°. Control drain ensured bottom valves with pneumatic control. As well tank may be made according to the requirements of the relevant class of ADR.



TM Compozzi started to design semi-trailer for transportation of bulk cargo a low bulk density, volume 110-120 m3. Projected tipper semitrailer will get a composite frame and body, which will minimize the Kerb weight of the semitrailer, and will improve the efficiency of cargo transportation of low density.





Implemented for the production order semitrailer with fiberglass insulated tank for "Polyprom", volume 18 m3, an inner diameter of 1770 mm.For this project, use technology for manufacturing composite tanks with a monolithic internal and external capacity. Today, this technology is only making tanks TM Compozzi.


Ukraine, Kharkov





2013 - 2020


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